Social Media Terms and Conditions | BUFF®

1. Purpose of the presence of Original Buff, S.A.

The purpose of our presence in the social networks is to create meeting points with Internet users so that their comments and suggestions may help us to improve the quality of our products. In this regard, we encourage and thank the Internet users for their participation and we will undertake to answer all the comments or suggestions received, whenever they comply with these Conditions for Use.

The acceptance of these conditions is an essential requisite for accessing and participating in the forums of Original Buff in the social networks. By accessing and publishing posts in our forums, the user is required to comply with these conditions.

2. Contributions or posts

All comments, consultations or suggestions contributed by our followers must comply with the following rules:

    • They must be according to the Law, public order and the basic rights and freedoms. In addition, they must respect the dignity of the people and the rights of minors and minorities.
    • They must be respectful with the opinions published by other users.
    • Logically, they must be related to Original Buff.
    • They cannot be used to disseminate comments that signify discrimination towards or disqualification of other users for any reason.
    • They cannot be used to disseminate publicity for commercial or political purposes, either directly or through links to other pages of Facebook or websites in general.
    • The same message with the same content or links to the same places cannot be repeated more than once.
    • The rights of industrial or intellectual property of third parties must not be infringed.

In the event that the contributions or posts contravene the above, Original Buff reserves the right to unilaterally proceed to their elimination without prior notice, to impede their issuers from participating in the channels of this company and, furthermore, to make it known to the Legal Department of the pertinent social network, of the law enforcement authorities or of the competent courts, as may be applicable in each case.

Original Buff reserves the right to use, copy, distribute and disclose without any compensation to the users any comment or content that they publish in the forums of this company, including any idea or information on the BUFF® products.

3. Exemption of liability

The comments of the users are free, personal and not attributable to Original Buff, for which reason it is not liable, either directly or indirectly, for their content or their accuracy and updating of the information that may be provided on other natural or legal persons that may participate in its social spaces.

Furthermore, Original Buff is not liable for the use by third parties of the information contained in its virtual social spaces.

4. Privacy

Original Buff undertakes to preserve the privacy of the data and the information that the users provide in order to formalize their registration in the virtual spaces of this company or to receive services that they provide in them.