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Original BUFF® Head and Neck Accessories. Legacy of Innovation

Twenty-five years ago, an idea hatched in the mind of Joan Rojas. He was a rebel. A non-conformist. Passionate about motorcycling.

His love for motorsports led him to imagine the original BUFF® multifunctional headwear. At his family's knitting factory in Barcelona, he produced the first samples of the seamless, tubular accessory. He proudly wore his innovative design on his rides through the surrounding mountains.

Soon everyone was asking where they could get BUFF® headgear of their own. Within three years, BUFF® headgear was on sale in Germany, France, Switzerland and other parts of Europe.

Since then, BUFF® has continued to innovate. Today, we develop high-tech gear for extreme sports—and high-fashion accessories for a new generation of non-conformists.

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